September Newsletter - One Month Down!

Greetings from the Pine View High Band!  

I cannot believe that we are already at the end of the first month! We have gotten off to a great start this year.  It has been hectic, but I am very pleased with the progress of the students thus far. September is our busiest month of the fall, but I know we can be very successful!   I have had a few questions from parents so I thought it might be good to review a few things with everybody.  Hopefully this letter will answer those questions and remind you of upcoming band events.   You will also hear from our band council president, Jessica Willard.

  As per the band calendar, we begin our 7:00am marching band rehearsals tomorrow, September 5th.  All students will need to attend these rehearsals!   Rehearsals are from 7:00-7:50am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays until our performance on September 22.   Thank you to all of you who drive your student early for these three weeks.    I apologize for the awkward schedule.  Normally, I would avoid having early morning rehearsals during school as everyone is so incredibly busy.  Next year, I plan on setting aside 2-3 days during the summer break to facilitate our marching band rehearsals.  

   I am amazed at how fast the students prepared for the our first pep band game!  With no summer band it is a challenge to put it together with only a few rehearsals.  I was very proud of the band’s performance. I very much appreciate the many families that altered their holiday plans to have their students there for the game.  I know it was a sacrifice.  I received countless praise about how your students sounded and behaved in a professional manner.  The school administration and community members are thrilled, and so am I!

   I want to review the fees that are involved with the band.  Those using school instruments will need to pay a $70 rental fee and fill out a rental agreement.  Please pay the instrument rental fee by the end of first term, which is October 11.  Percussionists need to pay a $25 instrument fee as well.   T-shirts are on their way.  I am expecting the cost to be well under $15...more information to follow.  An “I”  (incomplete) grade will appear on their report card until all items are paid for and/or turned in.  Please call or e-mail me if you have questions.   

    The first day of school, each band student received a band handbook that contained a schedule for the year.  They were asked to share it with their parents.  If you have not seen this schedule, please ask your band student.  If you need another, we have more in the band room.  Please try to schedule family vacations and events around major performances such as concerts, region, and state festivals.  When conflicts arise between band events and other PVHS events, we will resolve those conflicts according to district policy.  

As a reminder, male members need have concert black attire for our first concert on November 11th. They will need a white dress shirt, black jacket, black pants, black socks, and black dress shoes.  All female members will need to have a black dress (no prints) that is at least mid calf length, black nylons, and black dress shoes. 

The following are our upcoming performances:   
September 8 - Football vs. Cyprus – Pep Band
September 16 – Dixie Round-up Parade - All Students  
September 20 - PVHS Homecoming Parade - All Students
September 22 – Marching Band Half-Time Show – All Students
September 22 - Football vs. Dixie - Pep Band
October 5 – Football vs.  Desert Hills - Pep Band
October 20 – Football vs. Canyon View - Pep Band
October 28 - DSU Homecoming Parade - All Student

Do not be hesitant to call me if you have any concerns or questions relating to the Pine View High Band.  I look forward to meeting and/or talking to as many of the parents as I can.  Thank you for allowing me to work with your student. The band students are have been amazing!  The band website, can answer more questions too!  

Jessica Willard, Band President: "We appreciate our parents and the support they give us students! With your support we can make the band run smoothly and do great things this year!  Thank you!"
Austin Clark

Welcome back to Pine View Bands!

Band Parents and Students,

I cannot believe that summer is almost over! It only seems like yesterday that summer break began! 

Before I write too much, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Austin Clark, and I am the new band director at Pine View High School. I have been watching this program grow over the past few years, and am thrilled to be working with you and your students next year. I hope to continue, and grow the program here at Pine View. After meeting with the band council and school administration, we have already increased band enrollment to over 50 students. How exciting!! I can't wait to make meaningful, exciting, and entertaining music! 

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to welcome you to the Pine View High School Band Program. As we prepare for the school year I would like to remind you of a few things about band at Pine View High.

The first day of school, a band handbook will be sent home with all the paperwork. It will include the course disclosure, grading policy, contact information, t-shirt order form, and other materials. It will also contain a schedule of all the band activities for the year, at least the ones that we know of at this point. Please look it over and transfer parade, festival, and concert dates to your planning calendars. Please schedule family trips and activities around them. It saves everybody a lot of grief! I apologize for the delay of getting these dates to you sooner, I received your email addresses only a few days ago. 

Head over to our band website,  You'll see on the homepage, "Register for Band".  Complete this at your earliest convenience.  Afterwards, signup for REMIND (info is on the band website).  The band council and I will be giving sending the majority of our information and alerts to you through REMIND.  If you have an account, follow us on Instagram! (@pineviewbands)  

There are a couple of date I want to make you aware of. We will have a "Band Retreat" next week on August 7, 8, 9 from 8:00-10:00AM in the PVHS Band Room. As I am getting this to you quite late, this is not required. However, if you have the time, I would love for every band member to be there. This will give the students an opportunity to start getting back in the "swing of things", and get a head start on this year's pep band music. Pep band is open to ALL band members and is a great way to quickly get involved, get your playing chops back, not to mention earn points towards your band grade. A small breakfast will be provided. If parents would like to come and listen, they are more than welcome to!  We will also be having an opening social on the 18th of August at 5pm.  

Remember that everyone will need black shoes, black pants and black socks for marching band. Hopefully you have had an opportunity to get a little practicing in this summer! We will be performing "Seven Nation Army" for our parade marching this year.  Have a look over on to get your music! We only have 13 rehearsals until the first parade! 

I will be getting e-mail addresses for students and parents during the first week of school. Please contact me via e-mail, as this is the quickest way to contact me.    

Thank you!!